Will the HaulGauge app work with my device?

 The HaulGauge app will work with: 

Any iOS device with 10.3 or higher

Any Android device with 5.0 Lollipop or higher and is bluetooth enabled  

What vehicles will HaulGauge work with?

Any vehicle that is 1996 or newer 

Does HaulGauge work with a manual transmission?

Weigh feature requires automatic transmission

Does HaulGauge require calibration?

Many vehicles 2008 and newer will have preset calibration. For vehicles that do not have a preset, the HaulGauge app guides the driver through a step by step calibration procedure. This takes about 5-10 minutes. 

Does HaulGauge work on a hill?

Yes, data collected on steeper than 5% are ignored 

How does HaulGauge weigh?

HaulGauge measures weight by monitoring powertrain effort and vehicle acceleration.  Powertrain effort is calculated from a torque converter model.  HaulGauge uses the VIN to search its database for the correct torque converter calibration.   If HaulGauge doesn’t find a calibration within its database, the user may calibrate the scale utilizing a patented machine learning algorithm.  Acceleration is determined utilizing a triaxial accelerometer on board HaulGauge.   When powertrain effort is high relative to vehicle acceleration, then weight has increased.   

Does HaulGauge require an internet connection?

An internet connection is preferred for the intial setup.  After intial setup, HaulGauge requires no internet connection.  Without an internet connection, HaulGauge will not be able to locate any preset calibrations and the user will be asked to go through a self-calibration procedure. 

Will HaulGauge work if I am off road?